Are You Bored of the Dieting Treadmill?

Diets are normally full of restrictions or strict guidelines such as calorie counting or weighing food, making them hard to sustain. Unless you reprogram your subconscious, your eating patterns will go right back to how they were before the diet.  This is because the reasons you were overeating in the first place are not addressed […]

Sleep Better to Help You Lose Weight

Sleep – who needs sleep?? Sleep is for wimps right? Err NO Normally I sleep like a baby, once my head hits the pillow that’s it, I am out of it , in the land of Nod.  I normally won’t wake up, but there are times when I don’t sleep well. There are lots of […]

Think Like a Thin Person

I do notice a difference in the thoughts between thin thinkers  and big thinkers.  One of the differences I notice is how big thinkers  when they have eaten something that is not so healthy they metaphorically beat themselves up and then feel huge levels of guilt. Whereas slim thinkers when they eat something unhealthy, they […]