Who really is the judge?

A client came to me not happy at all because it turns out that she was having a perception that others were better than her which in turn was affecting her eating. She was feeling that others were better than her at eating healthier food, so therefore they must be better than her in all […]

One question to help positive thinking

    This morning I had an ahaaa moment. It was after reading a chapter of my book – the wealth warrior by Steve Chandler and by my weekend when I attended Marina Pearson’s the pathway to abundance workshop, that I am whatever I think, therefore I am the sum of my thoughts.  If I […]

Life’s realisations

I was discussing with a friend last night my relationship with money and how I would like it to be better.  I have been feeling anxious about it, I used to take it very seriously and frankly the thought of spending made me seize up – oh no…. We can’t have fun with money can […]

What eating patterns linger from childhood

Speaking to a client yesterday they were telling me how they wanted to cure their sweet addiction.  They kept a drawer in their house that was full of sweets and kept finding themselves going into it, once they had gorged themselves on sweets, they would feel really guilty afterwards and scold themselves for what they […]

3 tips to doing something new

We are more capable than we think we are.   One of my favourite sports is doing gymnastics. I did it when I was a child and when I got to the age of 19, I decided my body had had enough – I was too old I thought – Really!!! Well boys and a […]