3 tips to doing something new

We are more capable than we think we are.


One of my favourite sports is doing gymnastics. I did it when I was a child and when I got to the age of 19, I decided my body had had enough – I was too old I thought – Really!!! Well boys and a social life took over.

Last year I started getting back into it and yes my body creaked each time I moved, it felt like opening a rusty ironing board and then doing my best to bend it backwards and my body was having none of it.


Little and often is what I now do.¬† Yesterday, I got back on the beam – It’s 4ft tall and 4″ wide. I did a cartwheel, woohoo. I was chuffed with myself.

To see the video –¬†https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2lfxGfq9Bk


Here’s what I learnt


1 -You have to really go for it. If I did a half hearted attempt I would fall off

2. You have to believe in yourself. If doubts crept in, I would not make it and fall of

3. Celebrate the achievement. It is a brilliant feeling to accomplish something, so enjoy it:-)


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