How to set Weight Loss Goals

    You may well be thinking about what we want to achieve for this Year and for many of us, that includes how much weight we want to lose or what size we want to be. Now I often hear new year’s resolutions being set such as – I want to lose a bit […]

What is Hypnotherapy?

    What is Hypnotherapy? Hypnotherapy is a deep nice relaxed state. It is very like the moment before you go to sleep when you are really rested and your mind starts wondering. The person is guided into this state of deep relaxation and they become focused on the therapist’s voice. Positive suggestions are made […]

How to make a Green Smoothie

What on earth is a Green Smoothie? A green smoothie is a smoothie with added Greens, like Spinach or Kale and some green superfood. Why on earth would you want to add that? :-))) By adding in greens it is a sneaky way you can get so many more greens into your diet without having […]

Raw Vegan Flapjack

What do you do, it’s 11am and you want a snack yet you don’t want to go to a vending machine or buy some processed rubbish from a shop. I have a yummy solution for you, plus it is sooooo easy to make My fruity flapjacks Ingredients 2 cups of organic whole oats 1/2 cup […]

How does Hypnotherapy work?

If you are interested in Hypnotherapy in Surrey, this will answer some of your questions. Hypnosis is really an altered state of being. It is rather like the moment before you go to sleep, you are awake, aware and in full control, just that you are so comfortable you can’t be bothered to move. In […]

Details, it’s all in the little details

I was working on all of my finances today, creating spreadsheets, working out how to monitor cash flow. Believe me this was a stretch, though once I got into it, I found it quite exciting. I realised that when you pay attention to these details patterns start to form. It’s when we look closely at […]

Who really is the judge?

A client came to me not happy at all because it turns out that she was having a perception that others were better than her which in turn was affecting her eating. She was feeling that others were better than her at eating healthier food, so therefore they must be better than her in all […]

One question to help positive thinking

    This morning I had an ahaaa moment. It was after reading a chapter of my book – the wealth warrior by Steve Chandler and by my weekend when I attended Marina Pearson’s the pathway to abundance workshop, that I am whatever I think, therefore I am the sum of my thoughts.  If I […]

Life’s realisations

I was discussing with a friend last night my relationship with money and how I would like it to be better.  I have been feeling anxious about it, I used to take it very seriously and frankly the thought of spending made me seize up – oh no…. We can’t have fun with money can […]