Five ways to avoid putting on weight over Christmas and the New Year

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Five ways to avoid putting on weight over Christmas and the New Year

It is that time of year again when there are many temptations in front of us. Where ever we turn there is just more, more and more.. more food, more alcohol, more sweet things, cakes and desserts. Then there are the Christmas parties, catching up with friends and social get togethers. More often than not , if you are not seen to be tucking in to the food and drink then you may be viewed as a social oddity, that there is something wrong with you??? Why are you NOT drinking and stuffing your face with food?

You can still enjoy this festive period and still enjoy the variety of food and drink it offers, it’s about knowing your limits.

So what can you do to avoid putting on lots of weight over the Christmas period?

  1. When at a buffet think about only having a small number of items on your plate and make one of them green or a natural food. i.e. a vegetable, like carrot sticks.
  2. Keep drinking a glass of water in between drinks
  3. When at the supermarket think about why you are buying those sweets or cakes? Will you really eat them? Would you buy them if it was not Christmas? Just because it’s Christmas does not mean you have to go mad
  4. Make a commitment to do something active every day, even if it is just running up and down the stairs.
  5. Eat one healthy thing each day, that way you know you are getting some goodness inside of you.

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