One question to help positive thinking



This morning I had an ahaaa moment. It was after reading a chapter of my book – the wealth warrior by Steve Chandler and by my weekend when I attended Marina Pearson’s the pathway to abundance workshop, that I am whatever I think, therefore I am the sum of my thoughts.  If I think I am good at x, therefore I am, if I think I’m not very good at x, therefore I am not and whatever I am thinking in any given moment is shaping my life. It is my thoughts that are driving my decisions and then shaping the consequences of those decisions. It became clear that whatever is on the outside of me, my life as it is going along is all because of my thoughts. Now I used to moan about things that were on the outside, i.e. where I was living – so it came to me, just turn the thought around – ask myself what I do like about it?

We can ask ourselves the very same question of anything – I don’t like my body – what parts do I like? I don’t like my behaviours – what do I like? It helps to turn your thinking into the positive, which makes for a much better feeling.  I know I would rather be living positively than negatively :-)

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