Sleep Better to Help You Lose Weight

Sleep – who needs sleep?? Sleep is for wimps right? Err NO

Normally I sleep like a baby, once my head hits the pillow that’s it, I am out of it , in the land of Nod.  I normally won’t wake up, but there are times when I don’t sleep well. There are lots of reasons why people don’t sleep well; Stress, lots going on in the mind, eating too late before going to bed, eating too heavy a meal, being overweight, being in pain could be just a few reasons.

When we don’t sleep well, our body has not been given the opportunity to heal itself, to repair and to rest. When we deprive ourselves of sleep the results are groginess, irritability and lack of concentration. Sleep deprivation over a prolonged time severely  negatively affects the part of the brain that effects planning, memory and sense of time.

What has this got to do with weight loss I hear you ask?

Have you ever woken up tired from a lack of sleep?  we probably did not have time to prepare anything to eat. The issue is the food that we tend to go for is quick comfort food, simple carbs like croissants, bread, bacon sandwiches all washed down with a fizzy sugary drink, just to give us some energy. Wow, our body then has to work hard to digest the food and make any use of it, most of it will be transformed into adipose tissue – yes another word for fat cells. If this is continually happening we are going to get bigger a tiny bit more each day.

So what can we do to break this cycle?

How can we get to sleep :

  • Eat at least 3-4 hours before going to bed
  • Listen to relaxing sounds to help you drift off, there are many apps on the market
  • Lie on your back and focus on your breathing. Count down from 10 to 1 on each outbreath or for a deeper relaxation state on every second out breathe.

A few nights restful sleep and you may be surprised at how much better you start feeling.

Have fun


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