What eating patterns linger from childhood

Speaking to a client yesterday they were telling me how they wanted to cure their sweet addiction.  They kept a drawer in their house that was full of sweets and kept finding themselves going into it, once they had gorged themselves on sweets, they would feel really guilty afterwards and scold themselves for what they had done. The weird thing was they said, they knew what they were doing, they knew it was not healthy for them, yet how do they stop?   When I asked when this pattern of behaviour started – they said for as long as they could remember, their mother kept a drawer like that at home and when she was good, her mother allowed her to take sweets and then sometimes when her mother was not looking she would go into the drawer and take the sweets and then when she was found out would get told off so would feel really guilty.   The same pattern of behaviour is repeating itself over and over, even though my client is an adult.   So how can you stop the behaviour?

  1. I would take you back to those times during childhood and start changing your feelings about the events
  2. I would get you to find other ways of rewarding yourself
  3. I would help you find other alternative behaviours that are much more positive for you


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