Who really is the judge?

A client came to me not happy at all because it turns out that she was having a perception that others were better than her which in turn was affecting her eating. She was feeling that others were better than her at eating healthier food, so therefore they must be better than her in all ways.  I asked her when she entered the best eating competition and what the criteria was for how the winner was going to be decided. Then I asked who the judge was and of the course, the only judge was her. Then it hit me, we are all playing our own judge in our own competitions and if we are our own judges than we can score ourselves whatever we want. So instead of scoring ourselves low, what would it be like to score ourselves 10/10 for each thing that we do.

How would it be that the more we came to love and accept ourselves for who we are that we realise comparison is futile, it does not matter for everyone is different and we are only in competition with ourselves.

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